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'Did that enormous car have the power and traction to get up the slipway, or did they have to push?'

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Dartmouth Museum is a Registered Museum. In 2004 the scheme was changed to Accreditation, so it is an Accredited Museum.
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E0417 Dartmouth Lower Ferry 1912

This photograph shows the Dartmouth Lower Ferry in 1912. The configuration is a steam tug towing a float for vehicles and passengers in a side tow configuration. The end ramps allow vehicles on and off without reversing.

The picture is taken from the Dartmouth side. The Royal Dart and the Kingswear slipway can be seen on the other side of the river.

The car is amazingly grand. We wonder if it had the power and traction to get up the Kingswear slipway on its return trip if the tide was low! It looks as if there were four passengers and a driver, possibly with the gentleman and the dog on the left leaping aboard before it moved off. But what make and model of car is it? Perhaps you can tell us?

Dartmouth Lower Ferry in 1912. Just as today it was a float, pulled and pushed by a tug.

This picture is part of the picture archive of Dartmouth Museum and is represented in restricted quality and size. The full picture can be viewed when you visit the Museum. The code in the heading is the catalogue code in our archives. Many of the pictures in the Dartmouth Museum Archives are available for purchase.

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