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Dartmouth Museum is a Registered Museum. In 2004 the scheme was changed to Accreditation, so it is an Accredited Museum.
Dartmouth Museum is delighted to be supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund

The Holdsworth Room

Clothes from the Victorian period
Part of the costume display

In the Holdsworth Room you can learn more about the lives, at home and at work, during peace time and at war, of the people of Dartmouth. See period costumes, household artefacts and toys belonging to old Dartmothians.

There's a large collection of items made by the world-famous Dartmouth Pottery. If you've no idea what a Gurgle Jug is, come and have a look.

There's even a set of local stocks! They came from Smith Street. There's a replica set of stock in the lobby where you can try them out for size.


Kitchen of the Oldstone Dolls' House
The wonderful kitchen in the Oldstone Dolls House

Popular with all ages is the wonderful Oldstone Dolls' House, a beautifully furnished miniature example of a Victorian household.

We can only show one of the rooms here, so we chose the kitchen. No visit to a stately home is complete without a tour of the kitchen, and this home is no different.


In the collections in this room you can see local artefacts including town seals, cannonballs, and even the old town stocks. In one of the many drawers (make sure you don't miss the drawers!) you will find a very special pack of cards; Dartmouth's own local Happy Families game, devised by local artist Simon Drew and sold in 1987 to raise money for the swimming pool fund. Did we mention the drawers? So we did. The cards are in one.


World War I (Great War) gas mask
Part of the Great War collection

Every town in the country was affected by war, and Dartmouth was no different. It was on the front line in the lead up to D Day in the Second World War.

The Holdsworth Room houses a variety of personal effects including uniforms, ration books, medals and letters giving a poignant insight into living with war.


Ration books and coupons
Ration books, coupons, household wartime paperwork

This is just a small selection of the items we hold. And, as well as these items, we have a growing selection of newsreel and other footage showing continuously in the Holdsworth Room.

As soon as time permits we'll put a trailer here so you can have a snippet or two of the full thing.


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